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Announcing Alludo!

We knew that we had to change. Alludo, formerly Chrome Warrior, had grown from an application supporting technology PD for teachers into a platform supporting district-wide professional learning. Our audience has expanded from primarily teachers to now supporting games and learning for administrators, principals, students, and now discussions of parents is in the mix.

Still, when you start with a name, it's difficult to imagine another. 

Fortunately, we had help from many of our existing district game administrators - tech coaches, TOSAs, and players. Their participation and honest, candid feedback in our many conversations gave us keen insight. We can't thank everyone enough!

In the end, we landed on a name that we are very excited about. It brings in all the fun and adventure of Chrome Warrior and allows us to leap into the next chapter of our learning adventure with you!

With that, we are pleased to announce that on the evening of August 11th, Chrome Warrior became...