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From Chrome Warrior To Alludo

You may have noticed that there have been a few changes to our website--and a big change to our name. We’d like to introduce you to Alludo! We’re still offering the a blended learning platform for teachers, administrators, school staff, and even students. However, based on feedback from our partner districts and the evolution of our product, we felt it was time to adopt a name and brand that more accurately reflects what we’re working towards.

Playful learning

Alludo is Latin for play: something that we’ve always been passionate about in developing our product. Play isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think about learning, but it is part of creating an engaging learning environment. Not to mention, play is an essential part of gamified learning: working both collaboratively and competitively, experimenting, and pursuing new skills or levels.

Before we look ahead to our future as Alludo, we’d like to reflect back on our past as Chrome Warrior.

Goodbye, Chrome warrior

Chrome Warrior started in 2014 as an initiative to introduce Chromebooks at Palm Springs Unified School District. The platform’s sole purpose was to facilitate the rollout of the laptops, and was made up of a single game. We created traditional levels for teachers to work towards: bronze, silver, gold, platinum; and finally, chrome: making Chrome Warrior the highest achievement title for participants.

While this name suited us at the time, it was a common misperception that our product was exclusively developed for technology-based, or Chrome-centered learning. And while the delivery of these professional development programs takes place on laptops or mobile devices, they aren’t necessarily all about keeping up with tech. Our districts use Chrome Warrior to offer training on just about anything -- check out our feature on conversation training at Ocean View.

Since then, our product, audience, and market have drastically evolved. We’ve worked on improving our game with district feedback, and are now able to offer multiple games around multiple topics. We introduced a catalog, so that districts could be inspired by one another. We incorporated Twitter integration, so that districts and teachers could share their achievements. Most importantly, we received a lot of feedback from educators that have helped make our product what it is today: Alludo!

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