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Last Updates Before the Holidays

November and December have been busy months for our development team. This post includes a quick summary of the changes and all the details. We’ll be taking the changes live this weekend. There will be a lot of changes so I encourage you to take a look.

  • Game invitation overhaul including support for non-district users - to this end we will be supporting more than just Google and O365 authentication.

  • We completely overhauled the game building interface - we’re hoping that this makes game building a lot easier and we’ll be taking these concepts to the player experience so your feedback is really important!

  • Optional missions - you can now provide more choice for your players with optional missions.

  • Fixing broken avatars - we identified the issue with broken Google avatars and this release will fix it

  • Alludo YouTube channel - we’re posting walkthroughs and other great stuff on the Alludo YouTube channel

Game Invitation Overhaul

Today, you can manage games in Alludo by providing explicit email address. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can use a regular expression to limit access. This is a feature that we've been thinking long and hard about, and we really wanted to update. With the changes that we've made, you can provide role based access to games in a Alludo. This means that you can have a game admin in your district that can manage a control a game but whose access is limited to that game. We've also created a much, much easier interface for inviting players.

New Login Options

Beginning this weekend, you'll be able to invite non district users such as parents to use Alludo at your district. One significant change that you'll notice is that there will be additional signing options for users. If you're a district user, you'll continue to sign in with Google or O365. But if you're from outside the district, you'll be able to sign with Google, O365, Facebook, Twitter, or Amazon. When a player signs in, it'll continue to work as it does now.

NOTE: we will add additional sign in options slowly to give your players time to adjust.

Game Building Interface

We did a complete overhaul of our game building interface. You’re going to want to check this video out.

Optional Missions

As the name implies, optional missions allow you to mark missions is optional so that players do not have to complete them in order to complete the level.