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Rethinking Professional Learning and Beyond

Whether it’s a shrinking budget, a lack of classroom application, or disinterested participants, educational leaders must rethink how they approach and support professional learning for their teachers, staff, and students in 2018 and beyond.

Traditional online learning means hours in front of a device followed by a short quiz. But a lack of hands-on application makes this method ineffective. In-person training that speaks to the masses instead of the individual can leave some behind, and others without a challenge.. Student learning, while making progress, still lacks the forward momentum necessary to stay ahead. To build a successful program, learning designers must approach these challenges with an innovative mindset to go beyond tradition and move to personalized learning.

Alludo offers districts the ability to:

  • Provide custom, choice-driven, and targeted learning based on the goals of the district and learner proficiency

  • Submit and track evidence of learning application  in the classroom and beyond

  • Support recognition for teachers, staff and students with fun incentives, stipends, and digital badging

  • Manage an affordable solution for online, blended and event-based learning for any curriculum

Alludo allows districts to develop their own content, curriculum and learning objectives. The number of games and roles for game players is unlimited.

But why start from scratch? Our Community Catalog draws from districts all across the country, filled with activities built for educators, by educators. Games include Digital Citizenship, ELD, Language Arts, Google for Teachers and Students, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Classroom Apps, SAMR and more.

For students, districts are going beyond teacher professional learning by developing exciting badging games for student STEAM and DigCit experiences. The possibilities are endless!

As you prepare your budget for next school year, consider a learning platform designed to meet your district’s unique needs while offering your teachers, staff, and students the ability to choose their learning, and be recognized for their valuable work.