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UI Update - Paying off technical debt

When you sign into Alludo today you may notice some subtle - and one not so subtle - differences in the UI. We have a bunch of exciting features coming (ahem - wallet!) but over the past two years we incurred some technical debt that we realized we had to pay off first. Most of the debt we incurred was on the UI side of things and for the past four weeks or so we've been tidying things up.

For the most part, the user experience remains the same. Most of the changes you'll notice are subtle user interface elements such as color gradients and icons. However, one really fun change is the addition of background images for your district and for your games.

At the end of February, we introduced the notion of game styles. In addition to basic style elements, you can now add a fun background image for your game. To keep things loading fast, we limit the file size of the background image but it's plenty big enough to meet best practices. If you have multiple games, you can have a background image for your district. Set this background image in district settings.

Paying off our technical debt is never fun work and it tends to delay new features but the benefits are enormous and have set us up for delivering upcoming features more quickly.

Note - with a broad change like this, there are bound to be some UI related issues. If you notice something is amiss, please submit a ticket and we'll get things corrected.