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Simi Valley’s Professional Development Success: For the Win

Simi Valley USD educators are getting their heads in the PD game with For the Win. Learners start on the field with Practice and progress across the Playbook, League Play and and Playoff levels to become All-Stars. The district has over 1,000 teachers across 28 sites -- and 250 players are teaming up to learn more and competing to get on the leaderboard right now!


EdTech TOSA Dustin Ellis and his team developed SV For the Win to inspire and encourage teachers district-wide to own their professional learning and win together. "Our For The Win game is something new and different. It is a way for each of us to learn something new and do it when and where it suits each one of us. Teachers can do it at school when they have a spare moment, or while waiting in line on their phones, or at home at their leisure," said Ellis. Teachers have named the ability to go at their own pace, learning new things, and friendly competition as their favorite things about For The Win.

Teachers get started with a playbook poster to share their achievements with their class and fellow teachers. As they progress, they are eligible for even more fun items including stickers, T-shirts, hoodies and more. "For The Win is for teachers by teachers -- it was designed by teachers to meet the unique needs of teachers. It is designed to help teachers learn new skills and concepts or simply sharpen the one's they have, while winning prizes for doing so," said Ellis.

For the Win missions include:

Gear Up (Digital Tools)
Gear Up and get in the game with digital tools and technology to support your productivity and improve your experience with the latest and most popular tools for educators.

Playbook (Pedagogy)
Experience new ways of approaching pedagogy with innovative methods and tools. Discover new skills and ways in which to apply them in your classroom.

Play as a Team (PLN)
Learn from your team and expand your network in this mission. Through fun and engaging activities you can grow your community and play with the best!


Lead as a Captain (Innovation)
Be an inspiration to others in your school and district as you set an example for innovation, inspiration and collaboration. We are all leaders For the Win!

“I like the way the game allows me to do things at my own pace, I don’t feel like I have to rush, and know that unlike PD days I will be able to go back and see that idea whenever I want.” “I have already tried some things that I learned from the game that I did not know before I learned them in For The Win.”

— Richard Carrillo, English teacher & wrestling coach