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View All of Your Badges in One Place

You can now view all of your level, mission, and activity badges for all games in your profile view. You can also share your profile easily with other players.

View Profile and Badges

To view your profile and all your game badges, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of Alludo. All of the badges you have earned across all games are presented here. If a badge is an open badge, you can click on it to view the open badge criteria and to download.

Share Your Profile

You can share your profile by clicking on the share link. This will copy the link to your clipboard.

Profile Visibility

The default visibility for your profile allows anyone in your district to view your profile. To change this, edit your profile by clicking on "Edit". There are four visibility levels for your profile:

  • Public - Anyone on the internet can view your profile if they have the link

  • Alludo - Anyone using Alludo - including people from other districts can view your profile

  • District (Default) - anyone at your district can view your profile

  • Private - only you and district admins can view your profile.