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Announcing Alludo Learning for Credit with Fresno Pacific University

Announcing Alludo Learning for Credit with Fresno Pacific University


Alludo Administrators

Alludo Learning and Fresno Pacific University Continuing Education have partnered to provide even more value to your educators. Our partnership will allow your educators the opportunity to receive graduate-level, university credit* earned through your Alludo program. As part of this partnership, we would love to collaborate with you directly on messaging to share with your educators so they know this program is available to them starting next week. Additionally, to celebrate this offering, FPU Continuing Education is offering a great deal for this summer.

Summer Credit Special

Between now and August 31, 2022, FPU Continuing Education will be offering a summer promotion for all Alludo educators interested in receiving credits for the work previously completed in Alludo. For this promotion only, the hours eligible can be reported on from any time period earned through this year’s deadline. One unit of graduate-level university credit is equivalent to 15 hours of Alludo learning time. The standard cost is $80 per unit.  Register and show proof of hours in Alludo prior to August 31st, to receive a maximum of 18 units (270 Alludo learning time) for only $63 per unit.

Beginning September 1, 2022, the price per unit will revert to the standard price (currently $80) and the hours earned must be within the new fiscal school year for credit. Please check with your school or district administrator to confirm that you are eligible to receive credits through the FPU/CE program.

Contact julia@alludolearning.com or jamie@alludolearning.com for help with how to communicate this great offer to your educators.

To get started, Learners will:

  • Register at FPU/CE for the desired number of units
  • Complete micro-learning activities of their choice in the school or district Alludo program. 15 hours of Alludo time is the equivalent of 1 unit. Learners can earn up to 18 units this summer based on the activities approved in Alludo. 
  • Evidence of learning is required and is assessed against specified criteria for approval.
  • Upon successful acceptance of the evidence, learners will be awarded points and time credit for each Alludo micro-learning activity.
  • Time and points earned are visible on the user’s course board and through the player report feature.

How learners show hours for credit:

  • A screenshot of the total time/points must be submitted to the FPU course instructor as evidence of successful completion. This screenshot can be taken from the Learner Report in Alludo. Go to ANALYTICS from the top left navigation bar, click on Player Report, select FILTER from the top right and then FILTER for your name. Time is shown as HH:MM in the report. Please include your name and time in the screenshot, and submit electronically to peggi.kriegbaum@fresno.edu

All Evidence of Completion Screenshots are due by Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 5pm for the Summer Promotion

Upon receipt, Learners will receive an email from Peggi Kriegbaum when the Evidence has been evaluated and the grade submitted.

Course #: INT 1655A, INT 1655B & INT 1655C ~ Alludo Learning, Parts 1, 2 & 3  May-August 2022

Unit Cost: $63/unit (1-6 units available per course number, max of 18 units)

Additional Information

  • Upon successful completion of all requirements, a grade of Credit will be issued; if Learner’s district does not accept CR grades, notify the FPU instructor, and a letter grade of B will be issued (CR is equivalent to a letter grade of B).
  • If assignments are completed earlier than the due date, submit them to the instructor as soon as completed and your grade will be promptly posted.
  • If the assignment is not received on the due date, a grade of NC will be issued. Learners will not receive a reminder of the due date.
Learners will be able to view their grade(s) by logging in to the CE website and clicking on My Account, then View my Courses and Final Grade Report.


Contact information

Not a current Alludo licensed district or school and interested in learning more?CONTACT US

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