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Spring CUE Promotion with Alludo Learning and Fresno Pacific University

Spring CUE Promotion with Alludo Learning and Fresno Pacific University

Alludo Administrators

Together, Alludo Learning and Fresno Pacific University Continuing Education provide even more value to your educators. The partnership allows your educators the opportunity to receive graduate-level, university credit* earned through your Alludo program. See below a fantastic Spring CUE promotion to offer your educators.

Special CUE Promotion!

$70/unit tuition through April 2023!

Earn Graduate-level Credit from Fresno Pacific University for Time Accumulated on the Alludo Platform

Two pathways to receive FPU credit:

  • INT 1655A-C – District Alludo Learning
  • INT 1661A-C – Individual Alludo Learning
CUE Members:
  • Tuition reduced to $70/unit through April! Save $10 per unit!
  • One unit of graduate-level university credit is equivalent to 15
    hours of Alludo learning time.
  • Earn up to 18 units (270 hours of Alludo learning time) each fiscal
    school year (Alludo platform).

Please check with your school or district administrator to confirm eligibility to receive credit through the FPU/CE program.

Next Steps:

Contact julia@alludolearning.com or jamie@alludolearning.com for help with how to communicate this great offer to your educators.

Contact information

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