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Alludo Message Boards

Alludo Message Boards

Over the past several months we have been updating the learner experience in Alludo. The updates will be live on July 1st. In this post, we’re going to cover message boards.

Message Boards

One of the most frequently requested features was to be able to collaborate with your learning community in Alludo. We’ve taken the first step with Message Boards.

Alludo Game Message Board

Alludo has been a sole-directed learning experience. You come in as a learner and complete activities. You can see what others are doing in the activity feed and leader boards but you could not have a conversation or collaborate with your peers. Message Boards allow you to start having deeper learning experiences by allowing you to have conversations with your peers.

When enabled, Message Boards are easily available. In the card view, you’ll see the latest posts on the Message Board. You simply click into the Message Board to read and respond to posts.

Alludo Message Board

To add a new message just click on Post Message and to comment on others’ messages click on Reply. To receive an email when new messages are posted you can click on Subscribe. You can also subscribe to individual posts if you only want to be notified about a particular topic.

Alludo Message Board Mentions

You can also call out individuals in your messages and comments and they will receive an in application notification message.

Message Boards can be enabled for your district, for individual games, all the levels in a game, all the missions in a game, and all the activities in a game. Your administrator will enable Message Boards for each.

Respond with Email

You will receive an email when new messages and comments are posted and you have subscribed to the message boards or individual messages. The email will contain the content of the post for you to read without having to sign in to Alludo. In addition, you can respond directly from your email client by replying to the email you received.

We are excited with the release of message boards. Look for new posts on this in the coming days.

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