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Alludo PD Engagement Corner

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“A well-prepared and engaging teacher is a catalyst...a spark that creates the desire to learn in our students." ~ Robert John Meehan

Educators, welcome to the Alludo PD Engagement Corner where you can find new ideas and strategies on how to improve your Alludo educator engagement! 

We will be posting engagement strategies for upcoming educational awareness days/weeks and educational challenges.  We will also provide template email communications for you to send to your teachers!  


Table of Contents

  1. Setting up for Success in 2023 
  2. Fall 2022 Engagement Strategies
  3. Meet with Jamie!

Setting up for Success in 2023

It's the start of a new year which is a great time to re-engage your educators with choice professional learning. Following are ideas on how to engage your learners based on education awareness. In addition to content awareness, Alludo can work with you to kick-start 2023 with a fun competition, stipend-based learner achievement, and recognition strategies to make your educators feel appreciated.

Upcoming Education Awareness Weeks

  • The Great Kindness Challenge Week (Jan 23-27)
  • National School Counseling Week (Feb 6-10).

What a great time to promote SEL and PBIS to your educators! Align with the dates above or promote these important topics anytime.

Take a look at our New Year Promo template below to get started. Don't forget to reach out to Jamie, our Customer Success Manager who can help you personalize and implement this across your district. 

7 Ways Social Emotional Learning Can Support Teachers in Your District (1)

Kick-Start 2023 Challenges

In addition to content challenges, you can always kick-start PD with any of our Top 3 Engagement Campaigns and show them you care!:

  • School Site Challenge - Learners show their schools pride and learn as they compete for top points, most points per learner or top percent engagement.  Get started with our Top School Challenge Email Template

Simply copy any of the templates above to get started on your new campaign. As always, we're here to help so contact Jamie today to set up a time to discuss some new engagement campaigns for your district. 

Meet with Jamie!

Jamie HeadshotDo you have engagement ideas that you'd like to implement in your district but aren't sure how? Or perhaps you'd like to try one of the Alludo strategies but need some support.

Schedule a call with Jamie, our Customer Success Manager and he can answer any questions and help you move your educator engagement forward in 2023.