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Features Released in 2020

Faster catalog

The success of the Alludo Catalog continues to grow. At last count, there were over 60,000 activities available to the Alludo Community in the catalog. Due to its size, the catalog was starting to take a while to load. Our crack development team took a look and reduced the load time by over 80%. 

Activity Section Headings

One challenge of game building is keeping your activity section headings consistent. To solve this problem, we created customizable, game-wide section headings. This small feature is available in Game Settings → Style. It’s a small feature, but it is a big time saver.


ClassLink integration

We just announced our partnership with ClassLink. You can use ClassLink authentication to access Alludo. Read more about it here.

Email notifications for Store Orders

Several customers requested to receive email notifications when new store incentives were ordered. To receive email notifications, update your notifications in your profile settings. Now you have one less excuse to get that incentive into the hands of your learners.



What's Next in 2021?...

Catalog Subscriptions (January 2021)


One of the best things about service-based edtech is the speed at which updates are made available. For example, with Alludo we released over six hundred - 662 to be exact - updates in 2020. That’s nearly two (2) updates every day. This is great because you get new and updated features when they are ready. The downside to this is that keeping your training materials up to date is extremely challenging. Ever been surprised by an update to Google apps … GSuite Google Workspace? 

With Alludo Subscriptions, you will get automatic updates for your training and professional development materials seamlessly just like software updates. Here’s how it works:

  1. Copy an activity from the Alludo Catalog to your game
  2. Select whether you want to manually review or receive updates automatically
  3. Write an email to your Assistant Superintendent about how you spend your weekends updating edtech training materials.

Now when a member of the Alludo Community updates their Google Classroom activities the training your learners use will be updated too.