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Countdown to Blast Off! Rocket Achievements l

Countdown to Blast Off! Rocket Achievements l
Alludo is thrilled to announce blast off on the road to Rocket Achievements I landing later in July. What is Rocket Achievements l you ask? Well, it makes four major improvements our online professional development micro-learning platform. In addition to dramatically reducing the time required to review achievements, it also introduces more game building choice, speeds up game creation and finally adds a robust search tool to the platform. 

Currently, unless a district chooses to automatically approve all activities, each activity must be reviewed by an admin (or achievement reviewer) before the learner can get credit for completing the activity. The improved UX/UI in Rocket Achievement I delivers a better user experience, which may reduce the number of clicks required by at least 50%.

We are also introducing new, explicit evidence types that offer more choices in game building. Currently, there is a single, dual-purpose evidence type in Alludo that allows a learner to provide a text description or a file upload that enables them to show their demonstration of mastery. With Rocket Achievements I, we now allow five distinct evidence types: text, images, links, videos, and files.

Another performance improvement for Rocket Achievements l is providing the ability to create games faster. With the development of each new evidence type we have associated icons, added criteria for approval, and have associated default messages--all speeding up game creation.

For the first time, Alludo will now allow learners and game builders to use integrated search functionality for levels, missions, activities, and achievements. For example:
  • Learners can find activities they would like to complete
  • Game builders can find levels, missions, and activities that they need to work on
  • Learners can use completed achievements as a learning reference
You've always known the importance of professional development for your teaching staff. It's time NOW for Alludo, professional development re-imagined through an engaging, fun, and distance learning-friendly experience that provides sustainable training--even from home.

Join the more than 100 school districts large and small across the country that are already experiencing the benefits of Alludo.

Summer planning and back to school season is right around the corner. It's time NOW to invest in your staff's continuing development, especially when the need to reach large groups at the same time where they are is more important than ever - It's time NOW for Alludo. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. Contact me to set up a personal demonstration.  


Julia Francis
Sales Director
(425) 406-3563

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