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Enhanced Personal Metrics in Alludo

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Alludo's new UI will be broadly released on July 1st. In addition to an improved user experience, we will also be providing enhanced, easy to find metrics at almost every level. Today, I want to share the enhancements for games and learner digital portfolios.

Personal Game Metrics

Personal Game MetricsWhen you go into one of your courses in Alludo, you will see all of your personal metrics in one, easy to read area at the top of the game.

  • Learning Time - the total learning time you have accumulated in the game
  • Rank - your position relative to other learners
  • Approved Activities - the number of your activities that have been approved
  • Under Review Activities - the number of your activities waiting review
  • Paused Activities - the number of your activities currently paused
  • Reviewed Activities - if you are someone who reviews activities the number of activities you have reviewed are shown
  • Reward Balance - the amount of reward points you have to spend on rewards
  • Game Progress - you will see your game points and progress in a progress bar within the overall game metrics. The bar will turn green when you have earned enough points and completed all activities required to complete the game. Of course, you are still free to earn more points if you're feeling competitive.

My Portfolio

In addition to game based metrics, we are introducing a new area called My Portfolio that presents all of the learning you have accumulated in Alludo.

My Portfolio

My Portfolio pulls provides all of the information currently available under your profile and more into a dedicated page. On this page, you will see a lot of metrics across all of your games including:

  • Total Lifetime Learning Time
  • All of your achievements 
  • All of your points
  • All of your badges

You will also be able to see all of your learning time, achievements, points, etc earned in the past 30 days and your past year of learning. As with your profile now, you will have multiple options to share My Portfolio.

These personal metrics are based on feedback we received from our Alludo UX Next beta test group. We think they're going to make learning in Alludo even easier.

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