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Personalize Your PD with a Rewards Program

Personalize Your PD with a Rewards Program

Your teachers and staff have been working hard and time is at a premium. Show them you respect the extra effort they are putting into professional learning with a rewards program using Alludo Rewards.

Alludo Rewards is a complete reimagining of the Alludo Store. We took all of the best bits of the store and combined them with the feedback we received from you.

When we met with our customers they asked for four general improvements.

  1. Easier checkout process - the checkout mirrored an Ecommerce experience that was too involved for a typical school district.
  2. Simplified product management - products and product variants required too many steps to manage
  3. Easier inventory management - inventory management that was built for tracking inventory across multiple fulfillment centers was overkill for the typical school district
  4. Easier fulfillment - fulfillment was designed to support third party fulfillment and was missing basic reports for school district personnel to manage end-to-end fulfillment

Easier Checkout Process

In the Alludo Store, a learner had to navigate a four step checkout process. With Alludo Rewards, we simplified it to a 1.5 step process. The very first time you checkout you add address information - e.g., your site room - and then you click Redeem Credits. Every time after this you just need to click Redeem Credits.


Simplified Product Management

In the Alludo Store, creating and managing a product required you to complete several pages of information. With Alludo Rewards, you create a product on a single page and you can add product variants in the same context. You can also create any variant you want by adding customizable option types.


Easier Inventory Management

In the Alludo Store, inventory management was designed to support multiple fulfillment locations, which was not relevant for our school districts. With Alludo Rewards, simplified inventory management. You simply manage product and product variant inventory in the same context as managing the product itself. You just update the stock attribute directly for the product (or product variant).

Easier Fulfillment Management

Fulfillment in the Alludo Store was challenging as it was designed to support fulfillment by a third party. With Alludo Rewards, we provide all of the information you need to get your incentives to your learners at their school sites. You can manage fulfillment directly in Alludo or you can download an spreadsheet that you can print.


Alludo Rewards represents a complete rewrite and reimagining of our in application loyalty program feature. Alludo rewards is a great way to foster engagement and recognize learners, both adults and students alike, in your district.

For a deeper dive, read our Alludo Rewards Help Documentation.

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