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Introducing Alludo Groups

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I'm really excited to announce the release of the latest feature within Alludo: Alludo Groups. Alludo Groups allows you to organize people within Alludo in any way you want.

Before Groups the only way you could organize people was using school sites. While important, organizing people by school sites was quite limiting: a person can belong to one and only one school site.

  • What if you want to organize people by school site and grade level, subject area, or department?
  • What if you want to organize people in a game into project teams or PLC?
  • What if you want to organize people into certificated staff, classified staff, para professionals, administrative staff, and parents?

You can do this with school sites but it gets unruly quickly. With groups you no longer have to hack school sites to create groups.

District and Game Based Groups

There are two types of groups you can use: district-based groups and game-based groups. District-based groups are used to organize people into districtwide groups. Examples you might use are Primary Teachers, Secondary Teachers, and Para Professionals. Game-based groups are used to organize people into groups within games. Examples you might use are organizing people into project-based teams.

Group Reporting

Organizing people into groups is only valuable if you can measure how the group is performing. Fortunately, we added a great multipurpose group report called Group Performance.

Feedback Wanted

We believe that groups will become a structural part of Alludo. Organizing people is a key component in all systems and we built out a lot of functionality for groups. We think that we made a great start but we need your feedback. How do you need to organize the people at your district? How can we improve groups?

Learn more about Alludo Groups set up and management.