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Make Social Emotional Learning a Priority

Make Social Emotional Learning a Priority

Student or teacher, we all learn better when we’re coming from a place of emotional understanding and depth. That’s true always, though especially in this time of rapid educational transition.

The COVID-19 pandemic has required drastic adjustments in the ways that we approach education. But whether schooling is happening in person or remotely, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) continues to be a cornerstone of effective teaching.

SEL is centered around the development of the skills needed to live a positive and productive life. These include everything from emotional intelligence and goal setting to learning to form healthy relationships with peers. And these skills are a necessity, both in school and beyond.

Why Social Emotional Learning Matters

SEL is about more than just learning to process emotions. In a CASEL survey, 98% of school principals reported the belief their students would benefit from the teaching of social and emotional skills. The organization had previously found in a meta-analysis of 270,000 students across 213 studies that those students who participated in SEL programs showed an 11% gain in academic achievement compared to those who did not.

The more it’s studied, the more it becomes clear that SEL is integral to the development of healthy long-term skills. Yet day-to-day, many schools are more focused on curriculum than social and emotional skill building. Effective education, however, requires a mix of both. Addressing the SEL needs of a student results in higher academic achievement and a reduction in behavioral problems. It also opens up districts and educators to the notion of equity, providing students of all backgrounds with the fundamental tools that they need to succeed.

Social Emotional Learning in a Time of COVID

Teaching may be online, but the need for SEL-driven programming remains as strong as ever. At Alludo, we’re helping districts provide their teachers with the right resources for bringing SEL into the digital classroom. With a solid foundation of SEL and how to incorporate it, we can help you get all teachers up to speed and on the same page, in turn benefiting students and teachers alike.

These resources are free for all Alludo districts. Get in touch to learn more.