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See how school districts motivated teacher learners with recognition

And get tips for how you can do this too!


During Alludo’s 2022 March Wellness (where we love on educators every single workday of the month), a number of participating K-12 school districts also ran their own promotions to recognize their teachers’ hard work and incentivize additional learning. Here, I’ve detailed the strategies that worked best. These are great options for fun spring, summer or back to school promotions!

  • Weekly raffle that is PD milestone-based. In this promotion, your participating teachers are recognized for their work and completing a segment of work that your district has defined. This ensures that teachers from your district are recognized each week throughout the month! Participants could be eligible by completing a specific topic of training or activities of choice.
  • Three-tiered stipend promotion. Teachers are able to increase the amount of the stipend by earning more points in their Alludo game by completing more PD (microlearning activities). Again, points could be earned by completing activities the user’s picked or earned by completing targeted activities in a select pathway or topic that your district has defined.
  • Tiered points for prizes promotion. Teachers can earn different professional development ‘prizes’ based on the amount of points earned by completing microlearning PD activities in Alludo. Example: Tier 1: Learners won a PD book of choice once they earned 500 points. Tier 2: Learners won a subscription to a tool for the classroom once they earned 1500 points. Tier 3: Learners won a book bundle, PD conference, or school supply gift card once they completed 2500 points.
  • Weekly raffle promotion that is prize-based. In this promotion, the weekly winner would receive a $100 order from Office Depot or Barnes and Noble or another popular store among your educator community. They would just need to meet a point requirement to be eligible for the drawing.
  • Leveraging the Alludo Store! Alludo allows schools and districts the option of hosting a storefront of items and rewards all in one place to recognize player achievement. You can choose to open up a store in Alludo to allow for teacher choice in selecting what they want based on the points earned from learning activities. Educators cash in the points they earn to purchase their prizes! Examples would be PD items, stipends, buy back hours, educational training credits/units, or fun swag!

These strategies worked! We had record engagement numbers in Alludo during the month of March…

March Wellness Stats

  • 90,000 + microlearning activities completed
  • 27,000 + hours of PD
  • 8,000 +  mission pathways completed
  • 2,600+ discrete level badges earned

One thing is for certain, recognition is a huge part of helping your educators feel like they matter. It was a finding in our Teacher Happiness Report, and our March Wellness engagement is validation of that. 

As we near the end of the year, my hope is that you can try one or some of these and let us know how it worked for you! 

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