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New Updated Home Screen, My Portfolio, and More

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Over the past several months we have been updating the learner experience in Alludo. The updates will be live on July 1st. Today, we’re going to cover the updated home screen, My Portfolio, and the new cards view.

Updated Home Screen

It’s a new look but everything is all here. Let’s take a look.

New Alludo Home Screen

We made quite a few changes. First you will see a much simplified version of the menu. Rather than having the menu spread across the top of the screen and having submenus, we’ve put your most important menu items front and center. As a learner, you have Home, My Portfolio, and Analytics. You’ll also notice a global activity feed at the bottom. The activity feed will grow in importance over the next year.

The last thing we’ll call out before getting to My Portfolio is how to participate in a game. Whereas game cards used to have “Play” you will now see “Join” - to join a new game - and “Continue” to continue in games you are already participating in.

My Portfolio

We’ve put all of your learning progress in a single, easy to find location.

New Alludo My Learning Portfolio

In the current user experience, it is difficult for a learner to see all of the learning that they have accomplished. You can see individual game progress in the Player Report and you can see your badges in your profile but you cannot see all of your progress in one place. That has changed with My Portfolio.

In My Portfolio, your lifetime learning stats for all games are presented front and center. You can see all of the time and achievements you have earned. Right below, you can see your most recent learning activity and the past 12 months of learning.
Right below, you will see the most recent badges you have earned and all of the badges. If your badge is an open badge you’ll be able to download it directly from here to put into your backpack or passport.

With My Portfolio, your entire learning portfolio is contained in one, easy to find place.


New Alludo Analytics

We tidied up the way that reports are presented by putting them all on the same page and into groups. This makes it easy for you to find Performance, Completion, and Game Management based reports. It also allows us room to grow reporting.

We're excited to share these updates to Alludo with you on July 1st!