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Professional Development Books: EduProtocols

Professional Development Books: EduProtocols

As educators, we constantly strive to innovate, inspire, and ignite a love for learning in our students. To do so, we often seek out professional development resources and ideas, such as compelling professional development books, to help enhance our teaching skills and methodology. In the realm of education, few books have been as transformative as "The EduProtocol Field Guide" series.

These guides, developed by distinguished authors Jon Corippo, Marlena Hebern, Kimberly Voge, Dr. Scott M. Petri, Adam Moler, Lisa Nowakowski, and Jeremiah Ruesch, have ushered in a new era of teaching by introducing innovative and dynamic classroom protocols. The series comprises a collection of professional development ideas that redefine the traditional boundaries of teaching, offering flexible, student-centered approaches that meet the needs of diverse learners.

From the creative Smart Start activities that kick start yourday, to the effective implementation strategies for educators across all roles, to the subject-specific insights into social studies and math, these guides encompass a comprehensive suite of ideas designed to invigorate your teaching practice. As you delve into these transformative professional development books, you'll be equipped with practical, adaptable tools that are ready for deployment in your classroom or across your institution.

In the ever-evolving world of education, the "EduProtocol Field Guide" series stands as a beacon for those seeking to revolutionize their teaching style and make a profound impact on their students' learning experience. Embrace these professional development resources today, and get ready to kindle a transformative change in your educational journey.

The EduProtocol Field Guide Volumes 1 & 2




Do you ever feel trapped in a cycle of unending lectures and worksheets? This is a common concern for educators seeking professional development resources, aiming to break free from the traditional lesson models. They are on the hunt for significant, innovative professional development ideas for teachers that can shape a creative, impactful, and engaging instructional experience.

The revolutionary work, "The EduProtocol Field Guide", by respected authors Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern, presents a suite of sixteen classroom protocols. These professional development books break the monotony of standard lesson plans and inspire a dynamic classroom culture, delivering content to K-12 students within a creative, empathetic learning environment.

Imagine starting each professional development day with the Smart Start activities. Designed to pave the way for student success, these activities teach the art of learning, using engaging tools such as Frayer Models and Venn Diagrams, sparking curiosity in fascinating subjects. They not only prepare students for learning but also contribute to a positive classroom atmosphere.

Now, envision concluding your day with EduProtocols. These adjustable frames use your content to construct lessons guiding students towards mastering academic content. They stimulate critical thinking and effective communication while fostering an environment for creative and collaborative work. Suitable for nearly all subjects and grade levels, these EduProtocols are designed with UDL (Universal Design for Learning) principles to ensure they are accessible and supportive to all learners.

"The EduProtocol Field Guide" is a gem among professional development books. It lights the way towards a more enriched, engaged, and effective classroom experience. Are you ready to revolutionize your teaching style with these professional development resources?

Deploying EduProtocols


Not confined to classroom teachers, Deploying EduProtocols aids administrators, TOSAs, and instructional coaches in discovering new ways to implement EduProtocols across an institution, making them indispensable professional development resources. It has become increasingly clear to educators the value of teaching tools that aren't device or location dependent.

Kimberly Voge expands on the instructional frames presented in the EduProtocols Field Guides, Deploying EduProtocols introduces exciting new protocols. It demonstrates how, when applied strategically, these frameworks can assist you in delivering more content for deeper learning and simplifying your lesson planning—whether you're teaching in person or online

Unearth techniques to reclaim time spent familiarizing students with one-time exercises and graphics, and transition to "racking and stacking" EduProtocols for quicker-paced learning that students eagerly anticipate. Ignite meaningful change in your school as you embrace the art and craft of teaching and leading with these professional development ideas for teachers.

EduProtocol Field Guide: Social Studies Edition


With EduProtocols, Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern ignited a movement that benefits teachers and students alike. By effectively managing cognitive load, EduProtocols help teachers conserve planning time and efficiently navigate through material with their students. Their success stems from simplicity and adaptability, making them key professional development resources.

In this highly anticipated edition, educators Dr. Scott M. Petri and Adam Moler demonstrate how to integrate your favorite EduProtocols with social studies instruction. Each EduProtocol is designed with Four Cs practices in mind, providing clear examples and step-by-step instructions for implementation. Regardless of whether you're new to EduProtocols or an experienced teacher seeking to expand your professional development resources, The EduProtocol Field Guide Social Studies Edition will get your students collaborating, creating, thinking critically, and communicating.

EduProtocol Field Guide: Math Edition


In "The EduProtocol Field Guide: Math Edition, " Lisa Nowakowski and Jeremiah Ruesch provide educators with an abundance of innovative, engaging activities adaptable to any grade level. The flexible and gamified pedagogical interventions of EduProtocols work with a variety of learning styles, enabling math teachers to meet students at their current understanding level and inspire a passion for the subject. Each EduProtocol aligns with Common Core standards and Four Cs practices, outlined with easy-to-follow implementation guidelines.

Regardless of your familiarity with EduProtocols, "The EduProtocol Field Guide: Math Edition" is a significant addition to your collection of professional development books, appealing to those interested in personalized, student-centered learning activities. After all, isn't teaching about nurturing individuality while simultaneously kindling a love for learning? This guide is a stepping stone towards achieving just that.


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