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Rocket Achievements l has landed!

Rocket Achievements l has landed! We are very excited for the release of this first round of Rocket Achievements. One of our guiding principles is to listen to customer feedback and deliver solutions that significantly improve the user experience. With this release, Alludo districts gain four tangible benefits:

  • Approximately 5X faster achievement management that reduces time and ultimately cost
  • Increased choice for learners including five distinct evidence types: text, images, links, videos, and files, all to help demonstrate learning mastery
  • With the development of each new evidence type we have associated icons, added criteria for approval, and have associated default messages--all speeding up game creation
  • Ability to use Alludo as an anytime knowledge resource through the implementation of search

While the release represents a very meaningful update, we are already started on our next release: improved reporting.

You've always known the importance of professional development for your teaching staff, and It's time NOW to make sure you are getting the most from Alludo, professional development re-imagined through an engaging, fun and distance learning-friendly experience that provides sustainable training--even from home.

Alludo allows your teachers to more easily reach their professional development goals so they give back more to students, your schools and your community. 

Summer planning and back to school season is already here. It's time NOW to continue investing in your staff's professional development. It's time NOW for Alludo.

If you have any questions or would like a refresher demonstration, please contact Julia Francis, Vice President, Customer Success.