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Side Benefits of Cybersecurity

Side Benefits of Cybersecurity

Dr. Mike Swize - former superintendent at Palm Springs Unified School District - shares his thoughts on some of the secondary benefits of building a cybersecurity culture: it is a great way to expose students to the many benefits of cybersecurity.

🚨 Cybersecurity: Not Just a Buzzword! Discover how keeping student data safe opens doors to future careers in this high-demand field.

πŸŽ“ Ahead of the Curve in Education: Learn how schools are not just educating, but future-proofing students' careers with cutting-edge cybersecurity skills with things like cybersecurity internships

πŸ’Ό Career-Ready with Cyber Skills: Uncover the critical role of advanced CTE programs in preparing students for lucrative cybersecurity entry level jobs.

πŸ›‘οΈ Beware the Simple Click: Real-world examples show how a single phishing email can wreak havoc - a lesson for students and staff alike.

πŸ€– Human Intelligence vs. Cyber Threats: Highlighting the crucial need for comprehensive training to outsmart increasingly sophisticated cyber scams.




You know, cyber security is a really hot topic right now. Just any Google search will come up with, you know, hundreds of thousands of, of results.

I think in the public education space, there's an opportunity for us. Number one, not just to make sure that we're keeping our students' data safe, but also that we're preparing our students for a future career that could include something like cyber security.

So many school districts have very, very high quality CTE or career technical education programs.

And it's critical that we make sure those programs for our students are on the very cutting edge of the careers for the future.

Again, many school districts do great job of educating their kids for careers, but not always educating them for future careers. And certainly cyber security is one of those future careers.

Just think about all of the data and the hundreds of millions of you on a daily basis, and the potential for huge computer systems to be shut down, like we saw recently in Las Vegas. Like, it's happened to some school districts. It's happened to some private industries.
The weak point can to just be like a fishing link or an false email, how many times have we heard or seen an email asking, look like it's coming from one of our colleagues asking us to send them really quickly some Apple gift cards.

That's a scam, right? We know that, but it still happens. It happens frequently.
In fact, you know, I- I was in district where by accident, somebody had their entire paycheck go to an a missed cash app account.

And it's just because of really well meaning people with great hearts who dedicated their lives to working with children. They click on a link or they fall victim to this false email that's not really even from within the organization.

It's so important to make sure that our staffs are completely trained, that they have all the tools necessary, and that the way. It's a it's we're a human organization, right, not a computer organization. So we need to make sure that all the humans in organization have all the tools that they need to make sure that we're keeping our system data safe.

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