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The AI Imperative: One Superintendent Makes the Case for Being Transformation Champions

The AI Imperative: One Superintendent Makes the Case for Being Transformation Champions
  1. School districts should be leaders rather than followers when it comes to adopting artificial intelligence. They need to embrace AI's potential to transform education rather than react later.
  2. Many students and businesses are already actively using AI. Districts should proactively leverage AI as well and not fall behind these groups.
  3. School districts must continue functioning as learning organizations, constantly acquiring new knowledge. Being open to innovation is crucial, including AI progress.
  4. AI presents enormous, yet untapped, potential for enhancing educational experiences for students. Implementing it correctly could be revolutionary.
  5. District leadership should expose teachers to AI to spark creativity, passion and the desire to implement the tech knowledgeably. Teacher professional development matters.
  6. Just as with students, districts would benefit from tapping into the inherent human joy of learning through thoughtfully adopting AI systems.


Are school district is going to be on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and education, or are we going to be behind the curve and react to other people's creativity and problem solving.

I'm very concerned that our school districts have not taken both hands and wrapped it around the potential of artificial intelligence, because I'll tell you what, our students and all of the businesses we use daily, they already have. So I wanna make sure that school districts are places that continue to be learning organizations, and we're not afraid of what's new.

We actually look forward to learning new things. And for me, this area of in artificial intelligence and is a perfect example.

I don't want our public school districts to be reactive to something that has such great potential to be transformational in student educational experiences.

There are ways to expose your staff to the world of artificial intelligence, to spark their individual creativity, passion, and desire to learn more because that's what we're supposed to be doing every day with our students.

Sparking that joy of learning.

School districts need to learn just as much as we expect our students to. And an area I think that is completely untapped is artificial intelligence in education.

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