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The Scoop | September 2022

The Scoop | September 2022

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Table of Contents

  1. Year 2 Check In with Jurupa USD
  2. Attending ISTE or Spring CUE - Let us Know!
  3. New Alludo Catalog Missions
  4. Coming Soon to Alludo!
  5. Join the Leaps and Bounds Crew
  6. Upcoming Education Events

Check in with Jurupa USD

Hear how Jurupa USD is continuing to gain momentum in Year 2 with Alludo

Two years after launching Alludo within their district, Jurupa USD is not only sustaining a successful and cost-effective professional development program, they are still breaking records! 

Jurupa USD Case Study

See our recent Q&A with the team at Jurupa and learn how Alludo helped them scale their PD to the entire district and meet the needs of their teachers and support staff. 

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Planning on Attending SpringCUE or ISTE? Let us Know!

ISTE and Spring CUE 2023

Are you planning on attending Spring CUE or ISTE next year? The Alludo team will be at both events and we'd love to see you there.

In addition, if you're interested in presenting a session at either event about your experiences with Alludo, we're happy to help with both the application and support you during the session. 

Either way, let us know your plans and we'll keep you in the loop! 

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New Alludo Catalog Content

Keep up to date with the new catalog content in the master Alludo game, Madagascar

Screenshot 2022-09-16 093903 

Head into the Alludo Catalog to explore some of the additional content we've created in Alludo Learning>Madagascar in the areas of Microsoft and Instructional Tools. These new missions include: 

Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft ETF Framework

Bookmark our new Alludo Catalog Update Blog page to make sure you never miss out on the newest catalog content.

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Calling all Alludo Customers!

Join the Leaps and Bounds Crew Today!

Branch Whether you’re a district administrator, a teacher, or a member of the support staff, you have a role in growing goodness in students. If you use Alludo to help you do that, we’d love to hear from you! (And we’ve made it super easy.)

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Alludo Features - Coming Soon!

Find out what's coming next in Alludo


Game Progress Report

Coming this fall, admin will quickly and easily see how all the learners in a game are progressing and whether they have completed requirements within a game. 

Consolidating Schools into Groups

Soon you will be able to easily organize people by schools, by department, by team, and other custom groupings with our Groups feature. Groups allow you to organize people in a wide variety of ways because a person can belong to more than one group at a time and because groups can be nested. As we consolidate schools into groups, it will be possible to associate a person with many schools as a person can be in many groups.

Store Updates

Over the past few months, we have received great feedback on store features that will help you improve your experience and most importantly, engagement. Below are some of the highlights that we'll be working on.
  • Improved reporting for tracking inventory, orders, and fulfillment
  • A simpler checkout process for users - including capturing address information to make fulfillment easier
  • Simplifying - reducing clicks - the user interface for managing the store
  • Applying the new Alludo look and feel to the store

Alludo has now released rostering options to all customers. Rostering allows you to get all of your learners into Alludo and assigned to the correct sites without them needing to take any action. You can also update your learners and relationships automatically meaning all of which leads to your users increasing their learning time. To learn more about rostering options, click on the link below.

Did you hear the news?

Here are some events coming up that you won’t want to miss! 


FALL CUE 2022   October 22-23, Stockton  Register Now!

Aurora Institute Symposium  October 24-26, Online  Register Now!

California IT in Education (CITE)   November 29-December 2, Long Beach, CA Register Now!

PETE&C 23   February 12-15, 2023, Harrisburgh, PA Register Soon!

SpringCUE 2023   March 16-18, 2023, Palm Springs, CA Register Now!

ISTELive 23   June 25-28, 2023, Philadephia, PA Register Soon!


What's New in the Alludo Catalog ?

What's New in the Alludo Catalog ?

“It would take us years to roll out all the PD that we can on Alludo." - Kathy Jackson, Director of Teaching and Learning for K-12, YCJUSD

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