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Unlocking Engagement: Alludo's Gratitude Month Success!

Unlocking Engagement: Alludo's Gratitude Month Success!

Discover how to experience 50% higher PD engagement through the transformative power of gratitude promotions within your school district.

Here at Alludo, we are excited to share our new engagement strategy, our Gratitude Month Promotion, and how it has been very successful in increasing engagement with the initial rollout across seven districts. 

The Importance of Gratitude in Education

In the realm of education, the power of gratitude is undeniable – it's the key ingredient that transforms classrooms into positive and supportive havens for learning. When educators feel a genuine sense of appreciation and value, their motivation soars, propelling them to go the extra mile for their students.

Gratitude becomes the glue that binds teachers and students, fostering trust and open communication.

But the ripple effect doesn't stop there. The practice of gratitude extends its benevolent reach to students, significantly influencing their well-being and academic performance.

Witnessing their educators embrace gratitude, students are inspired to adopt a similar mindset, recognizing and cherishing the tireless efforts of their teachers. This sets in motion a beautiful feedback loop where mutual support and upliftment become the norm.

Introducing Alludo's Gratitude Month Promotions

In the seven districts that rolled out our gratitude month promotions, we observed a remarkable 50% surge in active users – an indication that more educators are actively participating in Alludo.

Accompanying this, there was a 38% increase in the number of completed activities. It's evident that educators aren't just exploring; they're actively engaging and completing tasks.

The dedication didn't stop there – we recorded an impressive 42% rise in learning hours. This signals a significant commitment to continuous learning and skill development.

So, what makes Gratitude Month stand out? It's more than a campaign; it's a daily celebration of our educators. Every weekday, we acknowledge and reward learners for their dedication, and the best part – anyone can be a winner.

Gratitude Month Stats Highlights

Averaging the data from the seven districts, we saw the following fantastic statistics:
  • ⬆️ 50% increase in active learners
  • ⬆️ 38% increase in the number of activities completed
  • ⬆️ 42% increase in learning hours compared to the previous month's engagement

So, Why Choose a Gratitude Month Promotion?

Beyond the individual impact, gratitude becomes a catalyst for a broader cultural shift within schools. It champions empathy and kindness, creating a domino effect of acknowledgment for the hard work and dedication of educators.

Students, in turn, absorb these values, learning not just the importance of expressing gratitude but also developing a heightened sense of empathy toward their peers.

The result? A school environment brimming with a sense of community and belonging, where gratitude becomes the heartbeat of the institution.

One thing is for certain, recognition is a huge part of helping your educators feel like they matter, and our Gratitude Month Promotions are validation of that. 

I would love to set up a time before the holiday break or in early January to see how we can support you with engagement and any other areas of support. Please share your availability, or you can book a meeting with me here.

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