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Using Technology to Enhance Relationships

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Digital citizenship and social-emotional learning foundations can be established with lessons, but unless we intentionally model with best practices, the culture is not sustained. How can we use technology to build relationships in the classroom and encourage the practice positive social skills in an authentic and intentional way? In this webinar, we discuss what to do after the #digcit lessons are taught to enhance relationships between the teacher, students, and the family community.


About the Speaker - Sue Thotz

Senior Program Manager, Education at Common Sense Media

Sue Thotz is a senior program manager for Common Sense Education. In 2011, Sue began working for Common Sense in Chicago by partnering with educators and parents to help them create a culture where students use technology in a meaningful, thoughtful, and respectful way. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2014, Sue has provided educational leadership through motivating keynotes, professional development workshops, conference presentations, and consulting with districts across Southern California.