The Moriarty-Edgewood School District, located in New Mexico, is made up of three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school, and serves a total of about 2,500 students. With a mission to "cultivate positive relationships and inspire each student to excel today and tomorrow,” Moriarty-Edgewood brought on the Alludo team to help create a game that could be used to bolster PD and digital literacy efforts for the district’s teachers and staff. The result: MESD66, a gamified digital road trip through Moriarty-Edgewood’s integrated and classroom connected initiatives.

Situated in two towns located right beside “The Mother Road,” it was no surprise that the Moriarty-Edgewood School District wanted to create a PD game themed around Route 66. MESD66 was designed primarily around technology integration, but also includes topics such as navigating the district's network, resolving common technology issues, and achieving Google Level 1 certifications. MESD66 is comprised of three levels of self-paced game play that help teachers and staff better navigate the district’s increased use of digital tools in the classroom. This includes an introduction to implementing G Suite Tools and Chromebooks; 21st century classroom, digital citizenship, and project-based learning activities; and best practices for utilizing technology for more transformative teaching.

Key Challenges

  • Create a personalized PD experience to help teachers and staff master the district’s new approach to classroom-based technologies

  • Provide a self-paced, collaborative tool to foster both individual and community-wide learning

  • Assist teachers and staff in solving some of the most common problems associated with increased technology usage, particularly within the school’s existing G Suite and Professional Learning Network


Working with Alludo, the Moriarty-Edgewood School District was able to design and implement MESD66, a PD platform that helps teachers and district take a ride through the digital citizenship initiatives they need to know for truly effective blended classrooms. From basic instructions on how to use G Suite and Chromebook tools to guidance on mentoring others on better digital citizenship, MESD66 plays a key role in providing training on achieving district-wide goals around technology utilization and success.


  • More than 145 teachers and staff members signed up to play MESD66 upon its initial launch

  • An accelerated path to Google Level 1 certification

  • Increased usage and understanding of the tools and platforms that make up the 21st Century Classroom

Looking Forward

Cruising through MESD66 helps Moriarty-Edgewood teachers and staff connect and collaborate across a wide range of PD and technology-focused objectives. Since its launch, the district has strengthened the platform further with the introduction of The Souvenir Shop, where players can exchange points and badges for useful prizes.

Hitting the Road for Technology Integration in the Classroom with the Moriarty-Edgewood School District

6 Schools

2,427 Students

149 Teachers

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