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Get Energized with EduProtocols Webinar

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This webinar is packed full of tips and approaches on how to work smarter and not harder with EduProtocols! Equip your teachers with an approach to instruction that will save time and get students engaged and invested in their own learning. EduProtocols are a series of lesson frames that are easy to adapt to any subject or grade. And the amazing part is that many of their templates are absolutely FREE!

It's impossible to not get energized with this panel of presenters! Learn more about EduProtocols and how Alludo districts like Val Verde USD and Colton Joint USD have integrated EduProtocols into their classrooms.


Our Panelists

Jon Corippo


EduProtocols Co-Founder

Jon is the Co-Author of the Eduprotocol Field Guide Books 1 and 2 and assisted with the new Eduprotocols Math Edition. This field guide series help teachers to be far more effective (how about a 4x academic boost?) and work less (how about being done 6 weeks earlier than normal?). Eduprotocols are free, shareable, and work in nearly ANY grade level or subject so they are super portable.

Nyree Clark

nyree clark

Nyree Clark is a Curriculum Program Specialist in EdTechPreK-6 for the Colton Joint Unified School District. She is a founding member of #EquityInActionCA and appointed to the Instructional Coaches Advisory Board for Future Ready Schools Organization. She is very passionate about amplifying the voices of the unheard through culturally responsive teaching pedagogy.

Rae Dunn

rae dunn  

Rae Dunn, the Coordinator of Secondary Education in Val Verde USD, is in her 24th year in education. She began her teaching career at Rialto Unified School District in 1996.  In 2005 Rae began teaching at Rancho Verde High School in Val Verde USD. In her current role, Rae enjoys working with all secondary teachers in order to impact more students. Her passion is student success and is always pushing the boundaries for access, equity, and academic excellence.

Carrie Northcott

carrie northcott

Carrie Northcott is a Curriculum Program Specialist in EdTechPreK-6 for the Colton Joint Unified School District. She has been an educator for sixteen years with eleven years in the classroom and five years as an EdTech coach. She is passionate about how technology has made the 4Cs both amplified and accessible in the learning journey for all!


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