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Leading Educators with Leading Edge Flex

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Leading Edge Flex is an online, self-directed certification program for educators facilitated by over nineteen California County Offices of Education and Superintendents of Schools. It delivers a research-based certification heavily influenced by real world experience gathered from counties across California.

In this webinar, learn how learn how technology is changing teaching and learning with the Leading Edge Flex certification program.



About the Panelists

Alicia Gallegos Butters


Dr. Alicia Gallegos Butters works for the San Diego County Office of Education as the Director of Educational Technology. In this role, she has the opportunity to lead, goal set, establish work plans and set the vision for the Education Technology department, as well assist schools throughout San Diego County to do the same. 

She has been actively involved in Educational Technology since she was a teacher in the early 90s. Over her 30 years in education, Alicia has worked as a 7-12 grade English, ELL, AVID teacher, a college administrator, a college professor, a technology integration specialist, director of a SIS that was implemented into 42 school districts and lastly a director of Educational Technology.

Steve Hickman


Steve’s mission is to help educators recognize their best use of educational technology, reap its genuine benefits, and avoid the unnecessary pitfalls. He is so committed to that cause that he earned an Ed. D. in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine and works as an educational technologist with the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE), part-time as a Professional Learning Specialist with the Northwest Council of Computer Educators (NCCE), and as an adjunct professor with Pepperdine University. Steve sees how the learning sciences can inform technology use in the classroom and the workplace and seeks to further understand the social and cultural effects technology integration can have on an organization. With that knowledge, he is more eager than ever to help teachers, leaders, decision makers, and just about anyone else who will listen to reach their goals for effective digital technology integration.

Michanne Hoctor-Thompson


Michanne Hoctor-Thompson is the Coordinator of Ed. Tech. for the San Diego County Office of Education, supporting 42 school districts, our Juvenile Court and Community Schools, private and charter schools within the region to authentically integrate technology within the core curriculum. The goals of which are to empower students to become responsible curators and creative entrepreneurs. Her experience includes working as a literacy coach for TK-8 teachers with Reading Recovery certification, teaching middle school math, science, and computers, teaching in elementary, and a doctoral degree in Educational Technology with an emphasis on professional development. She was named Literacy Educator of the Year 2002 by the Greater San Diego Reading Association and had her dissertation honored by the International Reading Association. She is passionate about equity and maker innovation in education and works diligently to empower teachers in shifting to authentic learning opportunities for students with a global lens, as well as utilizing the principles of UDL. 

Lainie Rowell


Lainie Rowell is an educator, author, podcaster, and international consultant who specializes in working with other educators to find innovative and sustainable ways to transform teaching and learning. Her areas of expertise include online/blended learning, designing innovative learning experiences, professional learning, and community building.
During her more than 20 years in education, Lainie has taught elementary, secondary, and higher education. She also served in a district-level leadership position supporting 22,000 students and 1,200 teachers at 33 schools.


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