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The Scoop | April 2022

The Scoop | April 2022

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Table of Contents

  1. 2022.23 District Budgeting Help
  2. Recognition that motivates learning
  3. Welcome, new customers!
  4. Customer Spotlight: Redlands USD
  5. Alludo Features & Enhancements
  6. Come see us at ISTELive 2022 and MTSS


2022.23 District Budgeting Help


Budget for PD in minutes OR meet with us to get help!

2022.23 K-12 budgeting offers a new paradigm full of goodness. And Alludo has the learning model to help you get it.


Recognition motivates learning!


See the results of combining recognition with professional development


March Wellness lessons learned

SPOILER: Recognition is the spark to igniting meaningful district PD!

We just concluded Alludo’s second annual “March Wellness,” where we loved on educators who completed PD activities with a giveaway every single workday of the month.

Here are the results!

March Wellness Stats

  • 90,000 + microlearning activities completed
  • 27,000 + hours of PD
  • 8,000 +  mission pathways completed
  • 2,600+ discrete level badges earned

The headline: Recognition is important to teachers feeling valued. Take the time to recognize teachers. Connect that to PD, and you will ignite a culture of learning! 

Get help igniting learning at your district here >


See how school districts motivated teacher learners with recognition

And get tips for how you can do this too!

By Jamie Bridgman

During March Wellness, a number of participating districts ran their own promotions to recognize their teachers’ hard work. These are great options for a fun spring, summer, or back to school recognition that drives PD engagement. 

Read the blog >


Welcome to our new Alludo schools and districts!


We are so excited to have you join the community!

Welcome, new customers!

SMlogo DinubaUSD LogoDistrict_Redesign2



Customer Spotlight


Redlands USD is setting teacher PD ablaze with Alludo!

In March Redlands USD personalized a PD program built on Alludo, Real-time Actionable Individualized Learning (RAIL)

  • RAIL was designed, developed, and rolled out in two weeks
  • To 800+ teacher learners
  • Who completed 5,000 hours of PD
  • In less than a month

90% of teacher learners surpassed the goal Redlands USD set!

Full case study coming soon! Learner-centered PD works! Want to discuss how we can help you do this at your district? 

Let’s connect >


New Features and Enhancements


Enjoy even more ways to progress district initiatives and sneak a peek of big Alludo developments!


Incomplete Activities Report

Admins, we’ve made one of your favorite reports, the Completed Activities Report, more robust by now showing you incomplete activities! Now you can ensure district-wide initiatives progress by seeing who has not completed a mission or level and reaching out to them to see what they need and encouraging them to complete learning. 


Group and Subgroup Organization, Reporting, & Management

Admins, you can now have more detailed management of your users with Subgroups! In addition to Groups, you can now further define your users with Subgroups. We’ve been working with Cajon Valley USD on Group > Subgroup use cases like Certificated > Subjects and Classified > Departments.  

Creating and adding people to subgroups couldn’t be easier and you can even use rostering to manage groups. You can quickly add members to a Group or Subgroup via search, copy/pasting emails or using Rostering. Once you have organized people into Groups you can leverage any report in Alludo Analytics to easily track and view the training progress of your district by group!


Sneak Peek: Customers drive Alludo Next UI

We’ve been closely collaborating with our customers on a new Alludo UI! Our goal is to make the tremendous amount of Alludo functionality added in the last few years easy, intuitive, and a delight to use. Look forward to the new Alludo UI release in June!

Alludo player experience our beta testers used.

New Alludo Analytics Dashboard


Sneak Peek: Message Boards

Alludo Users! You asked, and we’re getting close to the answer. Message Boards will be available in June! Message boards will allow course authors, achievement reviewers, and learners to discuss and collaborate on not only activities in Alludo, but also learning as a whole! 


Read more >


Did you hear the news?


Just in! Here are some updates on news and events you won’t want to miss. 

We’ll be here…

ISTELive 22

June 26-29, New Orleans

California MTSS Professional Learning Institute 

July 12-14, Anaheim Convention Center

Go register!

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